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Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton
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 Air Traffic Control Facility


The mission of the Air Traffic Control Facility is to provide for the safe, orderly and expeditious movement of air traffic, including aircraft movement on the ground, to and from the airport, and within assigned airspace and Special Use Airspace (SUA), and to interface with the National Airspace System.

Contact Us

Air Traffic Control Facility Officer: (760) 763-0772
SNCOIC: (760) 725-8384
Branch Chiefs: (760) 725-0368



The Safety Department provides a quadrilateral formation dedicated to confronting and processing safety issues pertaining to aviation, workplace, and tactical and explosives operating environments.

Contact Us

Safety Director: (760) 763-8709
Safety Manager: (760) 725-8381

 Adjutant Division


The mission of the Adjutant Division is to provide technical assistance and advice to staff departments to ensure the quality and effectiveness of Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton administration.

General Administration

Review and process the submission of electronic personal awards recommendations for accuracy, completeness and appropriateness. Task higher headquarters Recognition Awards to subordinated units and monitors submission deadlines.

Reviews Admin Separation Packages, i.e. Dischargers, Appellate Leave, etc,

Reviews and tracks Performance Evaluation System Reports submitted to the CO.

Prepares Station Duty Rosters and Social Rosters.

Monitors Forms Management Control and maintains records of all government forms used at MCAS Camp Pendleton.

Files, Directives and Correspondence

Maintains the Command's Files and Directives. Develops and implements policies and procedures within Navy and Marine Corps guidelinges, for the origination, maintenance and dissemination of publications and directives. Reviews all directives for accuracy, completeness, currency, and compliance with appropriate orders and directives from higher headquarters.

Provides naval correspondence assistance, to include the development, promulgation and implementation of policies and procedures for the generation, review and distribution of official correspondence using electronic media to the maximum practical extent.

Personal Security

For questions regarding personal security issues, please call 760-725-3788.  

Voting Assistance Information

Squadron / Unit Voting Assistance Officer

Voting assistance is available to all Marines, Sailors, Civilian Marines and family members over the age of 18.

For more information contact: Capt Jessica De Maria at (760) 725-3788, or visit



To provide effective and efficient personnel administrative support to Marines attached to MCAS Camp Pendleton and the Center for Naval Aviation and Technical Training School (CNATT) and their family members.

Permanent Personnel Checking In

Permanent personnel Checking in to Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton during normal working hours (0730-1630) should report to the S-1 located in building 23123. After normal working hours, report to the Station Duty Officer (SDO) also located in building 23123. The SDO will annotate the date and time member checks in and direct personnel to check in at the S-1 on the next business day.

Student Personnel Checking In

Student personnel checking in to the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training School during normal working hours (0730-1700) should report to Bldg 2220 in the 22 Area. After normal working hours, report to the Barrack’s Manager at Barracks 22206. After checking in at the School, the Phase Leader will escort students to S-1 for check-in. Contact the CNATT Detachment Camp Pendleton SDO at 760-763-8400 with any questions.

Command Mailing Address

Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, P. O. Box 555151, MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5151


  1. All E-6 and above rate COMRATS.

  2. Travel Claims should be filed within 3 working days of reporting. Ensure that you provide supporting documents and necessary orders to file a claim.

  3. If you want to look up BAH rate for Camp Pendleton, go to click on RATES and you will find the rate. Currently, members stationed at Camp Pendleton do not receive any Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

  4. The uniform of the day is cammies. All members will check-in in the Service Alpha uniform.

Points of Contact

Administration: (760) 725-8651
Staff Duty Officer: (760) 763-1154
CNATT: (760) 763-6633

 Air Field Operations


“To operate and maintain the Marine Corps’ premier Air Station in support of flight operations to prepare Marines for combat.”

Contact Us

Air Station Operations 760-725-8386

Hours of Operations

Monday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday-Thursday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. (8 a.m. - 1 a.m. DST)
Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays Closed

Note: Operations hours (local time) will be published in the daily brief sheet.


 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)


The primary mission of the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Division is to ensure the rescue and safety of personnel involved in aircraft mishaps on the Air Station or its immediate environment.

Contact Us

ARFF Dispatcher : 760-725-4707/8382
ARFF Emergency : 760-725-3877

 Business Management

Use business practices to implement effective resource solutions and inspire productive change.

The Business Performance Office conducts the following functions:

Military to Civilian Conversion Assistance

The Marine Corps continues military to civilian conversions to realign billets to operating forces to support new requirements.

Resume Builder

Provide support in structure and creation of resumes.

Activity-based Costing Model (ABC)

An OROS based program utilized to create consistency in structure for organizational review and analysis, enable benchmarking across installations, enable best practice analysis, and prepare the foundation for Activity-Based Resource Management (ABRM).

Score Card

Score carding defines and links resources, activities, products and services with the organization’s objectives and strategies. It provides a range of analytical processes and clarifies objectives between boardroom vision and day – to – day operations. Score carding enables an organization to find methods of how to measure, rate, and score performances.

Strategic Plan (Update & Maintenance)

An organization’s Strategic Plan illustrates a continuous process where people make decisions about intended future outcomes, how outcomes are to be accomplished, and how success is measured and evaluated.

Inherently Governmental Inventory

DoD wide inventory of all authorized manpower. A basis for the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act Inventory. Data used for manpower mix management decisions at Federal, Department, and Military Service levels.

Business Case Analysis

"A structured proposal that serves as the principal part of a decision package for enterprise leadership. It includes an analysis of business process needs or problems; proposed solutions, assumptions, and constraints; alternatives; life-cycle costs; benefits and/or cost analysis; and investment risk analysis. It is consistent with, and amplifies, existing DoD economic analysis policy in DoD Instruction 7041.3” per the Department of Defense Directive 8000.1, from the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence.

Helpful Links

Marine Corps Business Enterprise
Manpower and Reserve Affairs

 Communication Information Office (CIO)

Advanced IT for the Betterment of the Marine Warrior

The Communication Information Office (CIO) Department is comprised of the Cybersecurity Division, Telephone Maintenance Division (TMD), Information System Management Office (ISMO), and Information Management (IM)/Knowledge Management (KM), each with its own specific mission.

The CIO's primary mission is to enable Command and Control (C2) by providing information technology support, Information Assurance (IA)  regulations and standard guidance, technology program management, technology acquisition management, information operations, and telecommunications design requirements in direct support of the installation and tenant squadrons.

The CIO's secondary mission is to provide limited technical support for Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) services to all personnel aboard Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, collaborated information application support, wireless telecommunications and mobile support, limited fiber optic and data cabling support in accordance with DoD, DoN, and Marine Corps policies.

Mission Statement

To provide C4 capabilities by providing maintenance support, regulations and standard guidance, program management, acquisition management, operations, and design requirements for information technology and telecommunications in direct support of MCAS Camp Pendleton and Tenant Organizations aboard MCAS to enable command and control (C2).

Contact Us

You can contact CIO at the Helpdesk (760) 725-5256 or emailing We are continually working to ensure the MCAS Camp Pendleton website is updated to present the most current information. Do you have a concern or question about this site? Please contact the MCAS CIO.

This web site contains hyperlinks to external web pages, however, MCAS Camp Pendleton does not have any control over the accessibility or privacy of these external sites. The appearance of these external links does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Marine Corps or MCAS Camp Pendleton.



Provide resource management and support in the areas of Budget, Accounting, Internal Review, Pay and Travel, and Business Management to Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, Marine Aircraft Group 39, and tenant organizations as well as to maintain a thorough informational flow with DFAS and HQMC regarding current and future resource requirements and systems issues.

Contact Us

Comptroller Chief : 760-725-8659
Comptroller Desk : 760-725-1057



 Environmental Department


To provide guidance and services to ensure environmental compliance and resources stewardship in support of our customers' pursuit of the highest levels of mission readiness.

Environmental Department Programs

  • Air Quality Management

  • Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP)

  • Cultural Resources Management

  • Earth Day

  • Emergency Preparedness & Spill Response

  • Hazardous Materials Consolidation Program (HCP)

  • Hazardous Waste Operations

  • Installation Restoration

  • Natural Resources Management

  • Pollution Prevention

  • Sustainability

  • Water Quality Management

  • Unit Environmental Compliance Coordinators

Environmental Management System Downloads

EMS Core Team Charter
CO's Environmental Policy Statement


MCAS CPEN Levee Repair NOA Final EA-FONSI.pdf


Contact the MCAS Environmental Department

Environmental Officer 760-725-8584
Environmental Chief 760-763-0013
Environmental Duty Cell 760-390-5472

Bldg 23171, Floor 2
MCAS Environmental Intranet (PKI enabled)\
MCAS Camp Pendleton Environmental Management Portal (EMPortal) (PKI enabled)



The Air Station’s Aviation Fuel Division is an element of the Operations Department and is a fully integrated team of Marines, Trajen contractor and a civilian Fuels Management Officer. The mission of the Fuels Division is to safely provide aircraft with mobile (cold) refueling, hydrant (hot) refueling and defueling support to 3rd and 4th MAW for both tenant and transient aircraft. This support includes requisition, receipt, storage, issue, quality control and fiscal and environmental accountability of aviation fuel. MCAS Fuels Division is a state of the art facility. We are equip with four 50,000-gallon storage tanks, three 8,000-gallon refuel tankers, one 8,000-gallon defueler and a Phillips Type II Hot Refueling Facility with eight CLA-VAL pantographs.

Useful Links 

Contact Us

Fuels Phone: 760-725-3286/8286
Fuels Fax: 760-725-3160


 Ground Electronic Maintenance Department (GEMD)


The Ground Electronics Maintenance Division is comprised of the following work centers: Communication/Navigational Aids (COMM/NAV), Radar and Weather. We are a part of MCAS Camp Pendleton Airfield Operations and receive support from the Base G-6. GEMD maintains certified equipment and provides qualified technicians in support of air operations for ATC, Range Control, MCAS Tenant Commands and aircraft in the Lima and Delta Airspace.

Contact Us

Maintenance Officer: 760-725-1935
Maintenance Chief: 760-725-8375



Provide Logistics Services to include Transportation Support, Food Service Support, Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Management, Consumer Level Supply Support, Ordnance Support, and the Security and Storage of Weapon Assets in direct support of MCAS Camp Pendleton, Marine Aircraft Group 39, and all other tenant organizations aboard the Air Station. Provide planning and analysis for all Logistics resource allocation and expenditures to ensure most effective and efficient business practices under Marine Corps Business Management program.

Contact Us

Logistics at 760-725-8088




The mission of Station Weapons Camp Pendleton is to support Marine Aircraft Group 39 and all tenant squadrons with all class V(A) ammunition and explosives needed for training operations in the preparation for combat. In addition, it is the mission of Station Weapons Camp Pendleton to support the I Marine Expeditionary Forces contingency package.

Contact Us


 Public Works Department


We manage the premier platform for Marine Corps aviation operations by providing vision, organization and execution in the planning, construction and maintenance of facilities.

Contact Us

Public Works Office - 760-725-0395

Mailing Address
Commanding Officer
MCAS Camp Pendleton
ATTN: Public Works Department
BOX 555151
Camp Pendleton, Ca 92055-5151


Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton