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Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton

Support the Warfighter

MCAS CampPen Eagle Eyes

We all have an interest in protecting MCAS CamPen and the surrounding communities. A new security program on MCAS CamPen depends on your involvement and community awareness to help. MCAS CamPen Eagles Eyes Program aim is to prevent and reduce terrorist threats against our community by staying vigilant and reporting suspicious activity. If ninety-nine percent of calls turn out to be nothing, that one percent could save a life. 

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. Call MCAS Eagle Eyes (760) 725-1921.
MCAS CampPen EAGLE EYES  (760) 725-1921

MCAS Staff Duty Officer (SDO)  (760) 201-5671

MCIWEST Eagle Eyes  1-877-356-EYES

If you are in an emergency call 911.

Your eyes and ears are weapons AGAINST Terrorism.

NCIS Confidential Web Tip Information System

MCAS Eagle Eyes (760) 725-1921 (PMO Desk Sergeant)

MCAS Staff Duty Officer (760) 763-1154

MCIWEST Eagle Eyes (760) 1-877-356-EYES

NCIS 24 Hour Hotline 1-877-579-3648
8 Signs of Terrorism
  • Surveillance
  • Elicitation/Seeking Information
  • Tests of Security
  • Acquiring Supplies
  • Impersonation/Suspicious People
  • Rehearsal/Dry Runs
  • Deploying Assets/Getting into Position