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Marine Mail
Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton

Make Your Voice be Heard! 

Your ideas and opinions are valued by the Commanding Officer of MCAS Camp Pendleton.  Marine Mail was established to provide each Marine, Sailor, or civilian, regardless of grade, a method by which their positive, honest and professional ideas could be heard.  Comments can be sent to the Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton by emailing them to

Marine Mail is not a substitute for the use of the chain of command and other procedures such as request mast, admin requests or disciplinary actions/appeals. Instead you are encourage to use Marine Mail to submit professional ideas. Together we can work toward a better Marine Corps.


  • What can we do to improve productivity?

  • What can we do to save time or money?

  • Do you have any suggestions to improve a procedure or system?

  • Do you have a beneficial suggestion for a new concept or invention for the air station?

  • Are we doing something we should not be doing?

  • Are we doing something that should be done differently, more or less often?

To access MCAS Camp Pendleton Marine Mail, send an email with your ideas and comments by clicking here:

"Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one." -unknown

Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton